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      1. P R K

        history, fields and achievements?

        Found in July 2009, Shenzhen Puruikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., is a high-tech molecular diagnostic company dedicated to the research & development, manufacture and sales of innovative molecular diagnostic products, locating in Shenzhen, China.

        With the international leading PCR composite probe technology and visual biochip technology platform,? the company, which has the advanced PCR and biochip production line, now forms a joint research center with top medical research institutions in China, and has completed more than 10 national major projects and National 863 Program tasks, with strong comprehensive research & development strength and the ability to produce special drugs for the army.

        PRK has been showing its talents in the field of international public health. Related product categories such as H1N1, B2, Ebola, tuberculosis, avian influenza (H7N9), adenovirus, etc. In the 2014-2015 fight against the Ebola virus, PRK equipment aided the Serbia testing team with 20,000 reagents and a positive detection rate of 30.5%. It contributed its due strength to stabilizing the epidemic.


        People-oriented, simple living,

        efficient work, and pursuit of excellence

        Company Vision
        Become the world’s leading molecular diagnostic expert

        Company mission
        General Talents, Ruiying Life Code, Rehabilitation of the World’s Patients

        Core value
        Integrity, innovation, focus, professionalism



        PRK is the first and only enterprise in China to obtain both the registration certificate of the State Drug Administration (CFDA) and the military registration certificate.

        PRK partnered with Academy of Military Medicine which is the top research institution in China and established joint research center. Since foundation, PRK undertook more than 15 national and local high-tech R&D programs and national 863 program.

        In 2014, PRK developed the first Ebola virus nucleic acid diagnostic kit in China.

        In 2020, the joint developed product 2019-nCov RT-PCR- Fluorescence Probing passed the ministry expert assessment and exclusively obtained the registration Certificate of Special Provisions for drugs in the People’s Liberation Amy. (Military Drug Standard Q2020001)

        EC Declaratlion of Conformity


        Statement on the Compliance of the Detection Kit for 2019-Novel,Coronavirus RNA (RT-PCR-Fluorescence probing)with IVDD


        Certificate for Exportation of medical products


        CNAS Testing Report of Covid-19 Test Kit


        Production License? of medical devices


        Registration Certificate of ?Special Provisions for Drugs in Military


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